White House is a family farm located in Barangay Pinagtung-Ulan, San Jose, Batangas. We believe the farm could be where the first Barako Coffee plants seedlings from Brazil where planted in the 1800s by the Macasaet family. Coffee became very important in Batangas and nearby Lipa City was once the coffee capital of the world.

We purchased the land in 2006 / 2007 and have set about restoring the coffee and introducing livestock.  Our aim is to produce high quality traditional products and to provide local employment. One day we may even make a profit.

Let me introduce them : -

David is our farm manager and has many years of experience with Black Pepper and Coffee. He is also a pig breeder and now an expert on Chicken Layers.  We are very fortunate to have his experience and enthusiasm around the farm

Jun is our veterinary and looks after our livestock particularly our chickens.  He makes sure we have the highest standards of animal welfare.

Jerry is the farm caretaker and lives at the farm. He can turn his hands to almost anything from climbing a coconut tree to helping a mother pig delivery her piglets.

We have the poultry boys who work hard to look after our layer chicken getting up every day at 4am.  Ogie is the newest member of the team who maintains the stock records and helps David and me with the many tasks around the farm. In addition we have lots of help from members of the local community with harvesting and general farm maintenance.

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About Us

Has anyone seen our crocodiles?

During the farm restoration and whilst clearing the creek that runs through the land it was common to see 2 crocodiles, we think they could be the very rare Philippines  Crocodile since they are both small maybe 3 kgs or less.

Facts about the Philippines Croc

The Philippine fresh water crocodile (Crocodylus mindorensis) is very rare and it is strictly prohibited to kill it. Its a relatively small freshwater crocodilian endemic to the Philippines. Growing no more than 3 meters, they have a relatively broad snout and thick bony plates on its back (heavy dorsal armor). Females are slightly smaller than males. Philippine crocodiles are golden-brown in color, which darkens as it matures

Crocs in the creek?

We cant be sure what lives in the creek and we are very sad that there have been no sightings since 2009.


  You can visit the farm but call us in advance
Buy some eggs, inspect the coffee

Barako coffee leaf

Aileen at her day job

Ogie stock taking

Team White House

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